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Make it solid

Don't underestimate the forces involved

The last and final step of the build process is to mount the actuators to your rig. As there are many designs of rigs out there, ranging from modular 8020 or “T-Slot” extrusion through to completely custom tube frames you will need to engineer a solution that works for you.

Here’s some general guidelines :

  • 4 attachment points per actuator
  • There’s no set formula for exact distances between actuators and where you sit
  • The closer the actuators are together, the more exaggerated the movements. You can tune this in the software.
  • Users have reported it “feels better” having your seat lower in the rig than higher
  • Anything loose *will* generate vibration/rattling on your rig

If you choose to mount your monitor on your rig, realise that’s an expensive piece of hardware that’s not been designed to handle vibrations. One tester early on broke a monitor clean off it’s VESA mount.

If you’re going to do it (1) make sure you add additional brackets so the monitor can’t move at all – any movement will be amplified under load and lead to rattles/vibrations, and eventually something breaking (2) use less intense profiles in SimFeedback.