Who’s behind this?

Just a bunch of guys who like sim racing and wanted something for fun.

What’s planned for the future?

We’re not sure. It would be fair to say there’s more ideas than time available 🙂

Can I use the platform commercially?

Sorry, no – this is for home use only, the licenses expressly prohibit commercial use. There are many options available for commercial applications.

Can I build and sell SFX Platforms ?

Sorry, no – this is for expressly for DIY builders only, the licenses expressly prohibit commercial use.

Can I print and sell 3D printed parts ?

Sorry, no – the licenses expressly prohibit commercial use of the STL files.

Can I print and sell parts based on your 3D designs ?

Sorry, no – even if you modify the design (regardless of what degree) you are still bound by the license terms and need to include those license terms in your modified works.

What happens if I see someone is selling SFX-100 3D parts and I want some ?

Support the community and the creators don’t buy them.

Game Support

What games does it support?

Look at this list here 

I’m a game developer, I want to provide support for SFX-100, how do I do that?

Awesome, thank you. You can build a telemetry provider based on this code here (noting the license for this is MIT)

Please let us know when it’s done/released so we can add relevant instructions

I don’t see my favourite game listed, what do I do?

You can make a request in the Owners forum, so we know about it. The more that let us know, the more likely it is we can see if a plugin is possible. We make no promises on future game support


Can I use 80ST or other servos?

Not with the SFX-100 design – the 3d printed parts are designed specifically for the 90ST motors

Can I use other drivers?

Not with the Simfeedback firmware- other drivers have not been configured & tested. Stick with the AASD drivers that come with the 90ST motors.