3kW DIY Motion Platform

Introducing the SFX Motion Sim Platform.


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The platform comprises 4 of our open source design SFX-100 linear actuators, an Arduino with our supplied firmware, all controlled by our SimFeedback software. You get a fast, highly reactive motion platform along with output for tactile effects via a sound card.

The SFX-100 actuators and controller are easy to build for people with moderate DIY skills, this guide will show you how. We have an active community of SFX owners who will help you out with threads on popular sim racing forums as well as an official Owners Discord.

The actuator design is free for private use. We don’t allow commercial use of it [see FAQ#Commercial].


The SimFeedback software is freely downloadable for private use, with a donation enabling access to expert mode. Again it is not for commercial use.

SFX-100 Actuators

  • 750 Watt 240V AC Servos
  • 7.5 nm Torque
  • 100mm Travel
  • 245mm/s velocity
  • Easily move 200kg+ rigs.

DIY Open source Design

  • 3D Printed Parts
  • Off the shelf components
  • Shopping lists available
  • 2-3 hours work per actuator
  • No specialist tools (Except 3D printer)

Note: mains voltage wiring is required [see here]

SimFeedback Controller Software

  • Free to use
  • Receives Telemetry & Sends motion commands to actuators via Arduino
  • Arduino Firmware supplied
  • Full control of platform movement and intensity
  • Preconfigured motion profiles
  • Comprehensive videos and guide
  • Telemetry providers for most popular racing sim titles

Expert Mode & Owners Discord

  • Access by Donation
  • Global tuning settings
  • Individual setpoint graphs
  • Realtime telemetry display
  • Access to Owners discord

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See it in action

The platform has 3 degrees of freedom, ie it has Heave, Pitch and Roll movements. What does this mean? Watch the video to find out

The SFX-100 actuators are quiet also, at the 1:00 mark @saxxon66 turns the ingame sound off so you can hear what they are like.

Cars and tracks can vary wildly dependent on both the physics engine of the title, the specific car being modelled, and the track surface mesh. Look at the difference between a GT3 car and a F1 car (2:12 mark)

More videos

How does it work?

3DOF Platform Mover design

SFX-100 Actuator
AC Servo Drive
Arduino controller

Telemetry Input

The SimFeedback software receives telemetry from titles such as Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rfactor 2 and more. This telemetry is then translated into motion and tactile output via different profiles inside SimFeedback which you can configure.

Motion Output

The motion output is sent to an Arduino running our custom SimFeedback firmware . The Arduino is wired to each of the AC Servo Drives .

Each of these drives (powered by 220v AC) in turn sends signals to their respective Servo Motors on top of each SFX-100 actuator. The servo rotates clockwise/counterclockwise, this translates into linear (vertical) travel via a standard ball screw – and in turn moves each corner of your sim rig up/down.

Tactile Output

SimFeedback can also send sound output for engine RPM and rumble, through a soundcard out to an amplifier & bass transducers

More information

Build your own

Comprehensive shopping lists, build instructions, and software guide

Join the community

Exchange ideas, help if you get stuck

There are SFX owners all over the world with a number of different threads in forums – all supportive and willing to help you out if you get stuck.

Germany Virtual Racing – where it all began https://forum.virtualracing.org/showthread.php/109282-DIY-3KW-Motion-Sim-Rig-Coming-Soon

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandThe iRacing thread *iRacing account required http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/625/3616928.page

Netherlands Tweakers.net thread  https://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1891321

Please note we don’t provide an official support system – this is all DIY

Once you commence your build you can donate to get both Expert mode of the software and access to the Owners Discord.