3D printing and SFX builders

A match made in heaven

One of the remarkable things of the SFX platform is building parts by squirting liquid plastic out into functional shapes. The community of SFX builders have produced a range of different things from cable clips to electronics boxes. This page hopes to catalog everything made/shared by the community. Please let us know on the Owners Discord or RaceDepartment thread of new items that should be here.

The List

SimFeedback LogoAs the name says..
SFX-100 Shield EnclosureEnclosure to house the DB25 connectors with Arduino on top
Simfeedback Leo BoxElectrical Enclosure for Arduino, no DB25 connectorsNickMoxley
DB25 + Arduino LeonardoEnclosure to house the DB25 connectors with Arduino on top
SFX-100 D_Sub/Arduino/Breadbord BoxElectrical Enclosure for Arduino, wtih DB25 connectors, and allows DB25 breakouts to fit
SFX-100 220 Electrical BoxElectrical Enclosure for 220 power cables & wagos
SFX-100 Foot with cupThis is a holder for the feet with an optional TPU fill
Foot for Nicks cupFoot that Sticks To the Shaft with a more rounded profile for the above cup
Sfx-100 100x100 Extrusion Servo Cable Holderfits inside 100x100 extrusion used for actuator zip tie or velco strip can be used to secure cable