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8.1 Assetto Corsa/Competizione
8.2 iRacing
8.3 Project Cars
8.4 Dirt Rally
8.5 F1 2018
8.6 Raceroom
8.7 rFactor 2
8.8 No Limits 2
8.9 DCS (Alpha)
See Discord for :
8.11 BeamNG
8.12 Automobilista
8.13 Euro Truck Simulator
8.14 Forza Horizon 4
8.15 Grid Autosport
8.16 GTA V
8.17 IL2
8.18 KartKraft
8.19 KartRacingPro
8.20 XP11
8.21 WarThunder
8.22 RichardBurnsRally
8.23 Wreckfest

8.1 Assetto Corsa & Assetto Corsa Competizione

Shared Memory

Nothing to configure, will work out of the box. For ACC you can use supplied AC profiles.

Source Code is available here.

8.2 iRacing

iRacing (360hz) standard telemetry provider

Edit app.ini in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\iRacing.

irsdkEnableMem=1 ; enable memory based telemetry

irsdkLog360Hz=1 ; Log some telemetry at 360 Hz rather than at 60 Hz

Please note there is a known issue with Roll/Sway with this plugin under some situations

iRacing (60hz) provided by JamesClonk

irsdkEnableMem=1 ; enable memory based telemetry

irsdkLog360Hz=0 ; Log some telemetry at 360 Hz rather than at 60 Hz

8.3 Project Cars 1&2

Shared Memory

Go to game Settings -> System

Select Shared Memory “Project CARS 2”

Project Cars Setup 1

Project Cars Setup 1

8.4 Dirt Rally


Edit hardware_settings_config.xml in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings.

<udp enabled="true" extradata="3" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" />

8.5 F1 2018


Codemasters F1 2018 UDP Setup Installation to send telemetry data:

To configure F1 2018, simply launch the game and in UDP settings
– set Fanatec LED OFF
– set UDP Telemetry to ON
– the rate to 60Hz
– do not activate Broadcast
– if the IP is not set then put which is your local PC IP (localhost)
– Format: 2018

8.7 rFactor2

Rfactor 2 needs a game plugin to be installed.

You can find it in SimFeedback/ext/rf2/x86 for 32bit and SimFeedback/ext/rf2/x64 for 64bit.

Copy the Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Bin32\Plugins or RF2SimFeedbackPlugin.dll to Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Bin64\Plugins.

Plugin will be enabled by default. RFactor 2 Plugins

Source code is available here.

8.8 No Limits 2

No limits 2 needs a statup parameter --telemetry

Source Code is available here.

8.9 DCS

Please join the owners Discord and go to the #DCS channel for the Alpha zip file (latest one in channel)