Common problems

Check your wiring

Your SFX-100 not working correctly? Have no fear the friendly troubleshooting page is here to help you out. 

If you can’t get your problem resolved, next steps are the threads or official owners discord. First thing everyone will ask, have you checked your Wiring and checked your Motor Settings.

One actuator won’t work at all

Change the D-Sub cable to a different Servo drive.

  • If the problem moves to that servo drive, you’ve got a problem in the wiring somewhere (most likely) or the D-Sub cable (unlikely). Problems have included (1) not all GND wires properly connected (2) wrong wiring order on terminal blocks (3) loose wires (4) terminal block screw touching insulation instead of wiring
  • If the problem remains with the original servo drive, then there’s a problem somewhere with that Controller or Servo.

One or more actuators won’t fully lower when stopping

  • Wiring fault most likely cause – review your wiring in-particular GND wires.

No actuators are moving

  • Wiring fault (seeing a pattern here?)
  • Did you check your e-stop switch? You might have it wired in “normally open” mode, engage the e-stop switch and try again.

AL-06 or AL-07 error codes on AC Servo Drive

Un-even movement, or movement that feels weird

  • Check wiring order on motors. It’s easy to get this mixed up. Quite a few builders have – even after professing it’s all correct (the writer of this page included) to then find out after a good night sleep with a fresh pair of eyes, that they in fact have got the wiring order wrong.
  • Check each AC drives servo settings.
  • Check coupler is tight between servo drives
  • Check your linear bearings are installed the correct orientation (it happened to one un-named builder)

High pitch whine/electrical noise at static holding height

  • This is normal. Some people are more sensitive than others.