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Hey everyone,

@C64 has been doing some work behind the scenes for an alternative to Kinetik extrusion profiles. Kudos to him it’s confirmed there’s now an alternative – it requires new STL files and a change to some of the Bill of Materials.

He’s now been running for a good period with ITEM profiles confirming the design works. We’ve put a “Mod” page up on the documentation site that details this, links to the new files and changes you have to make.

Please note the official shopping list, assembly instructions, etc all remains Kinetik. We don’t want to confuse anyone.

By a small sample of orders Item24 has good communication. Item24 has different distribution by country so lead times will vary from 2 days UK, to 3-4 weeks AU/NZ. I did a quick quote to NZ and it was touch more expensive than Kinetik So depending on where you are in the world this may be a good option, or may be no different (other than communication). You’re not buying from one central place – so as they say YMMV “your mileage may vary”.

The mod page is here Mods – Item24 Extrusion

Thanks @c64!

Cheers guys n gals
SFX-100 team.

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