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Make sure it works

Before assembling your actuators

We strongly recommend you test everything working before you bolt your servos to your actuators.

The best way to do this is “bench test” the system with actual output from games.

Initial test

  1. If you haven’t already Download SimFeedback
  2. Flash your Arduino firmware
  3. Secure your servos to something solid, or at least be careful. They *will* flip and jump around if you get telemetry from games.
  4. Do not run a game title yet, we just want to make sure the servos will start/stop
  5. Have everything connected up
  6. Double check your wiring (back of the hand math says 10% of people have missed a GND wire connection at this point!)
  7. Turn your AC servo drives on; so they’re all powered up
  8. Make sure you have a red light for telemetry
  9. Press the Start button
  10. All going well, all 4 motors will spin briefly and motors light will turn green
  11. Press the Stop button
  12. All 4 motors again will spin the opposite direction quickly, then slow down for the last few moments
Not working as expected? Please refer to the troubleshooting guide

Congrats – you’ve witnessed the “Raise to ride height” and “lower to resting height” output from your motors. If it’s doing this, you know you’ve got it working :

Game Test

  1. At this point you won’t be able to help yourself, so you’ve already loaded up a game haven’t you
  2. Make sure motors are secured by clamp or similar to something solid
  3. Repeat the test above, but with a running game.

You might get a shock seeing how much the motors will spin !

Okay now you’re good for attaching them to assembled actuators.