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Suggested Build Order

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How the build guide is structured

You’re about to get started building, great ! Our guide will help you through. Please note each page in the guide is structured with the official documentation first, and then community videos or addendums. Also make a note of any

Warning boxes – please pay attention here
Tips boxes – handy hints or suggestions
Community Links – anything from other builders around the world we’d point you to

Suggested Build Order

We’ve found this to be the best order of assembly, you can obviously choose any order you wish.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to :

  1. Get all the items listed on the Shopping list and sourcing parts
  2. Get your 3D printer printing

As the parts take approximately 200 hours to print (2 weeks give or take) so you can get some things done around the electronics in parallel before getting to the actuators.

  1. Start to build the electronics
  2. Test the motors by connecting them to the Servo Driver.
  3. Configure the Servo drivers by using these settings
  4. Install SimFeedback
  5. Learn how to activate a Profile for your game and to start the Motion output, see our Video tutorials.
  6. Test the motor with the Servo driver attached to the Motion Controller (do not attach the motor to the actuator!).
  7. Assemble the Actuator
  8. Assemble the Actuators to your rig.

Go racing and have fun!