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By February 20, 2019 10 Comments

What a ride !  In April last year (2018) @Saxxon66 started with the first prototype design of the SFX system. Working with @J.R they optimised the initial platform – it didn’t take them long to realise that there was a lot potential in the system. They wanted to share it with the world whilst not becoming overwhelmed, 2 guys alone couldn’t do it. The next step was to grow to a larger core team of 4 all with various sim racing, real racing and engineering backgrounds. They only needed 3 months of refinement, testing and it was then opened up for public release in September.

The owners discord was formed, github wiki published, files made accessible. People who had the DIY skills started building their own SFX-100 systems all over the world. Each builder completing their system, then in turn helping and supporting others as more builds were completed, the snow ball effect began picking up! It would be fair to say @saxxon66 and the rest of the team are really happy with the result.

Furthering that growth we’ve now got a native english speaker @SteelEyedMissleMan onboard to handle all the project documentation & media – as the rest of the team is German, writing up documentation and answering questions in predominantly English forums is both time consuming and takes away from their valuable time they could be tinkering. And let’s face it, we saw what happened when they got to tinker.

This new website is the first step – everything has been copied across from the wiki, with a bit of extra content, an indepth SimFeedback tutorial, updating shopping list links, and even a trouble shooting section (which actually could be just 3 words “check your wiring”!). Over time as we see things crop up on the forums will update the docs, add english voiceovers to videos, put new videos together – all to help guide new builders. You can PM @SteelyEyedMissleMan of the respective forums or on the discord to point items out. We also want to showcase all of your cool rigs with SFX units – so don’t be shy, send us photos and we’ll get them online.

Happy Racing,

The SFX Project team


  • Michael kilbourn says:


    My name is Michael and I’m an avid sim racer and an electrical engineer with years of robotics and servo motion experience. I would love to provide some support and testing.
    Also there is a sim racing center in my area which can provide real customer feedback for R&d.

    • SFX Docs says:

      Thanks for the kind offer ! If we need additional help we’ll definitely reach out to you- if you end up building your own SFX system please let us know how you like it 🙂

  • Harry says:

    Hi there, I am from Singapore and I would love to build this motion platform. The problem is I have limited knowledge. Is there a guide as to where I can source for the parts and electronics for the build? Appreciated if you can direct me the link.

  • Damian Badalamenti says:

    I’ve been dreaming of project like this for years!! I never had the experience it the ability to build something like this on own. So I’m extremely thankful for your efforts!! Currently in the process of sourcing it the components!
    This is off topic but the rig featured on website pictures looks like the perfect fit for this project! Is there any way to get the plans for that rig? It looks like it uses the wheel deck from simlabs and the rest is custom?

    • SFX Docs says:

      Hi Damian, on behalf of the core team, you’re welcome!

      The rig is all just a render for visuals, no plans for it. There’s obviously lots of options for you online from plans to whole rig kits….

  • Hei Li says:

    I will definitely check out all the materials, if I can understand them, as I would love to build one motion platform with just a fraction of money compared to the big brand name! Thanks for your sharing!

  • Francesco Rocca says:

    Hi, my name is Francesco …
    I am very happy that you have shared such a great project with everyone.
    Without you a similar project would have been just a dream for me,
    but thanks to you it became a reality.
    Thank you very much for what you have done congratulations.

  • Stefan Henkel says:

    Hello I am Stefan Henkel and would like to thank everyone. Great that you share that with everyone.
    I am really looking forward to the day when I can drive for the first time

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